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We are a husband/wife team looking to start our own store without getting loans involved - which means it would have to start slow and grow on it's own. How to accomplish this within a reasonable time frame became a question because we don't want to be in our 50's by the time it becomes successful enough to be our primary source of income. Somehow, we came upon the idea of selling online. So here it is. Eventually, if we are able to raise enough money to start the store locally, we will do so. We envision it to have something of a Victorian flair, complete with oil lamp lighting instead of electric. We live our lives like that partially, so it's not a big change. Until then, we are making our candles in our own kitchen, and shipping other products to our customers directly from the manufacturers.

Eventually, we plan on the following. (An arrow indicates a current area of focus. A checkmark represents a satisfactorily completed phase):
  • A wider selection of candles
  • Incense Sticks
  • Our own brand of teas, with in-shop tea tastings
  • Our own line of handcrafted Tiffany-style lamps
  • Vintage (~1850-1910) clothing
  • Replica oil lamps
  • Establishing a physical shop
  • Whatever else we can think of!

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