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Beeswax Jar Candle, 6 oz.

2 3/8" wide by 3 1/4" tall. Burns for 54 hours!

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Made in our own kitchen!

Burns for 54 hours continuously, longer if burned non-continuously!

Made with pure beeswax and braided cotton wicks with a paper filament woven around it.  Naturally smokeless, sootless, and dripless under normal conditions.  Wick will not need trimmed, and as a result, will not develop a large, smokey, sooty, jumpy flame.  Does not contain any type of core material in the wick.

Note that since Beeswax naturally has a honey fragrance, any fragrance you select will be mixed with the original, though it's not that significant, and we've never noticed the natural smell of the candle at all while burning, even without any fragrance added to it.  Color may vary with fragrance.

Beeswax will outlast paraffin and soy wax and will not drip.  This is assuming, as with any type of wax, that the candle is not bumped or subjected to constant air drafts, which can cause the wax to burn faster as well.

These candles are poured by hand and not by machine.  Therefore, there will be some minor imperfections and inconsistencies, but the candle will burn as intended.

PLEASE NOTE:  Many of our candles are made-to-order, which may slow down shipping time.

Please be careful when burning candles.  Do not burn out of sight unless you are confident there is no chance of causing a fire, including when the final bit of candle is burning.  This is the phase when all the remaining wax is melted.  When jar candles are burning the last of the wax in a jar, it is possible that the jar will get hot enough to burn or scorch the surface it's on.  Therefore, don't use it during it's final phase on surfaces that are cheap (like Formica counter tops) or on tablecloths made from delicate fabric.  We recommend setting the candle on a more heat-resistant surface.  Additionally, it is possible under this condition of excessive heat that the jar could crack.  To avoid this, we recommend extinguishing the flame if all the wax is melted in the bottom of the container, then re-lighting it again when it has hardened.  If the wick has reached it's metal base, consider discarding the candle.  The metal base holding the wick is a safety feature to avoid the flame coming in direct contact with the bottom of the jar.

If you wish to clean the jar for personal use once the candle has burned to it's end, remove the metal wick holder at the bottom and place the jar in a microwave until all the wax has melted.  Watch it carefully, and remove it once the wax has melted.  If it stays in longer, it may catch fire.  Dump the excess wax into a container.  Plastic cups generally work fine, but this may depend on the quality of the plastic.  Heat a container of water (bigger than the jar) to a temperature exceeding 180°F, and carefully submerge the jar in the container right after dumping the last of the wax.  Any wax remaining in the jar should rise to the surface of the water as it cools.  Once you see hard wax on the surface of the water, and the water has cooled, remove and discard the wax.  Inspect the jar to ensure it has no wax residue is left inside.  If so, repeat the process.  Do not attempt to speed-cool the water because the wax needs time to raise to the surface.

Please note that many of our jar candles are made-to-order.  This may cause delays on your order, depending on timing.
We are not responsible for any misuse of our products.
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